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Canine Aggression Specialist, Nikeae Michalchuk is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer(CPDT). She is a qualified Court Expert Witness in 8 areas of Canine Behavior. Nikeae has over 15 years experience as a Peace Officer / Specialty Dog Handler in Alberta.

At Maverick, we work with a variety of clients including dog owners, officers, and professionals within the canine industry. We promote the most advanced and innovative training and consulting service tailored to maintaining balanced domestic companion dogs, that thrive in a safe community for all.

Nikeae has provided training and aggression specialty services to hundreds of dog owners throughout the province, and over two dozen municipal enforcement departments.

Just see what she can do for you!

For any questions you might have on our service and how we can help you, please email or call Nikeae at 403 701 8589.
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